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Day School Daycare Training

Day School at Dog-ma is a two week training course which teaches your dog to respond to the commands of heel (walk next to you on a loose leash), sit, down, stay and come. A large portion of the training occurs in the surrounding neighborhood so that your dog will learn to respond around real world distractions such as passersby, squirrels and traffic. At the end of Day School, you will receive two handling lessons to show you what your dog knows and how to get them to respond to you. When your dog is not being trained, they will be busy playing with the other dogs at Dog-ma.

Day School is taught by Janet McMillan of Best Behaved Dogs and costs $800, plus $300 for the daycare. In order to participate in Day School, your dog must successfully complete Dog-ma's evaluation process and meet all of Dog-ma's requirements.

Best Behaved Dogs' and Dog-ma's Joint 2 Week Program Includes:

10 days of daycare from 7am - 7pm - exercise, socialization, and fun!

8 one-hour training workouts - heeling, stays, come - via positive reinforcement

2 one-hour in-home sessions - ensure that YOU are in control

life-long FREE phone consultations

Advantages of Day School Daycare Training:

  • Environment is rich with distractions, just like real life
  • Highly customized - works on the behaviors you need
  • Majority of dog's day is spent socializing and playing at daycare, not confined
  • Develops socialization skills in addition to obedience