It’s like being at camp… without driving to the sticks!


The DogMa Bed and Breakfast experience gives your dog the freedom to romp with the pack all day. They’ll eat and bed down among their pals in their own large, comfortable crate with a cushy bed and their own toys. Our live-in, on premise staff are there at night to make sure they’re safe and sound, after a midnight milk-bone and some late-night play-or-cuddle time. The pack gets bathroom breaks outside, too, just like they’re trained to do at home. We ensure no extra feeding, medicine, administration costs. We do recommend that all boarders – or lunch-list dogs – bring their own food to avoid any potential tummy stress from an abrupt change in diet. There’s also down time in a private den that allows for important rest breaks, drama-free mealtimes,and ensures a safer pack dynamic.

Our rate for overnight boarding is $58.00 per night. Holiday boarding for clients that do not attend monthly daycare is $65.00.


After several days of running, wrestling and having a ball at DogMa’s outdoor/indoor playground, a nice bath is a good thing! We can give your pup a wash, rinse and dry so you BOTH go home happy. The cost ranges from $25.00 – $35.00, based on breed and/or size. “You’re dog will love it. We’ll love your dog.”

We welcome non-aggressive, socialized, friendly puppies and dogs of at least 10 lbs in weight. A telephone call or an inquiry form followed by an application is required in advance of the first trial daycare day. See (Get Started) page for specifics.

We require: Written veterinary certification of good general health and current vaccines, including Rabies, DHLPP,and Bordetella (kennel cough). Dogs over 6 months of age must be spay or neutered. Puppies under 6 months must have received all puppy boosters and Rabies vaccine.