April Peemail


outdoor puppy love

Hello Beautiful Packsters!

Happy Spring​

Do you smell that? My sniffer is working overtime. Spring is in the air! Daily pool time is just around the corner. It’s like clock work every spring – the shedding of winter coats of both the furry and velcro-on types – always causes the filling of the swimming pools to slowly become a daily thing. Thanks to this reliable shedding-swimming theorem, soon splashing and pool-short-stop ball retrieving games will start anew.
April Daycare & Boarding Schedules

Please send my human friends at DogMa your scheduling needs for daycare and boarding for April. Knowing in advance how many of my friends plan to visit each day allows the two-leggeds to make sure there is enough staff pre-planned to be here to make sure we are safe and have fun. That said, I know sometimes you just want to bring my friends over at the spur of the moment. You are welcome any time, but if we are full, you might not be able to squeeze in during these busier months ahead. But, starting May 1st, it will be a little more expensive to wing it…

Right now, the daycare rate is $36.00 a day. And that is what it will stay for anyone who let’s my two-legged buddies know your schedule in advance. Even better – if you book 12 or more days in a month, you start racking up some serious discounts. But effective May 1st, all walk-in daycare or daycare booked after the 8th of the month will be at a $40 per day rate.

If you book your dates in advance, not only do the rates stay the same AND you let our hard-working two-legged pals know how to prepare the work week for your pet’s safety and fun, BUT it guarantees you space at the best outdoor (and indoor) daycare in town! If it’s hard for you to make a schedule, not to worry – my two legged friends are very flexible moving around or canceling your scheduled dates at your request. But if they have an overview of the month’s expected staffing needs, they can set staff schedules and avoid having to try to round up extra staff on short notice to make sure we all are safe and have fun when we get a puppy-flood.

So, don’t be shy, send an e-mail to my friends at DogMa and they can help you plan out your monthly daycare schedule that best suits your needs and your fuzzy pal’s needs. Or, if you’re like me, have someone translate for you – do you know how hard it is to type with fuzzy black paws?! (Though what is my mom’s excuse for all those typos?)


Important Gate Etiquette Reminder

For your dogs’ safety, and for all of their friends – which are my friends too – please close and latch every door/gate behind you when you enter and exit the facility. This ensures that no dog is able to slip past you and get out of the facility in a dangerous attempt to search for an early nap at home. My human friends also now want all clients to always wait behind the last gate until an attendant gives you direction from there. This is for the safety and happiness of the pack and for you. While all of my dog pals love it here and no one gets to play at Dog-ma unless they are a friendly packster, not every one of my furry friends is comfortable with human strangers. Or perhaps is too friendly with muddy paws on your suit or unclipped nails on your silk dress or clodhopper feet on your open-toed shoes. If you do not wait behind the last gate entering into the patio area in front of the office, an attendant will have to remind you. Please don’t take it the wrong way. We will only release your dog when all areas are safe. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this. Together, we make DogMa the safest place for you dogs.

That’s it for now – wipe your paws after digging those holes for Spring cleaning!
Smell you later,
Izzy pawprint

February Peemail


Howdy Packsters!

Izzy here, checking in to make sure everyone survived the icy hug of Snowzilla last week.
I’ve really been able to practice my digging and had a blast, even though I smell like a, well, wet dog. There are a few pictures of the pack hamming it up in the snow posted on our Facebook page. You should check them out when you have the time (and please “like” us if you haven’t done so already).
​Remember my New Year’s resolutions that my human made me think up? I’ve pretty much broken all of them but the playing every day one. That’s why there’s 365 days in a year, right? Wait…isn’t it there a leap year in 2016? Well, I better get back to leaping and move this along.

February Scheduling & News

As per usual, please send my two-legged friends at DogMa your February daycare & boarding schedule needs.

And, thank you for letting the two-leggeds at DogMa know that your pooches could not make it in last week despite best efforts of doggy-car-dig-out-assist and various creative dog-sled/snow-shoe options. It’s really helpful to make sure we have the right amount of staff on hand, especially when inclimate weather makes it difficult to travel.

Dogma’s two-leggeds are like the postman…well, anyway they get here to look after your dogs no matter what the weather, although I do not feel a reflexive need bark at them. Throughout these snowy days, they have been here in numbers during the day and one with the boarders overnight. So, if you can make it in safely, they’ll be there for you and ready to play with your pup.

As always, thank you for allowing us all to love on your dogs.
Smell you later,
Izzy pawprint
PS.​ Still no new news for Dogma packsters re. the CSX project. It has been quite quiet the last couple of days, except for the snow blowers making room for the equipment that makes every dig-loving-dog super envious.

January Peemail


january peemail

Happy New Year Pack Parents!

Hello — Izzy here — wishing all of you wonderful 2 legs and your 4 (and some 3) legged loved ones a splendiferous new year.
I think it may be time for me to start making my resolutions to help ring in the new year, as I lay here, digesting days and days of holiday food.
 I will chew up and swallow my heart worm chewie, not hide it under things.
 I promise to incorporate more play time and squirrel chasing into my routine this year, how about you? 
 – I will not behead all of my new toys immediately and spew stuffing all over the den.
 – A good game of ball toss is pretty much one of the best things in this world.
 – I will not steal all of my friend Sam’s squeaky toys and chew the squeakers out

January Scheduling, News & To-Do

Resolutions aside, this is also a good time of year for all of you dog parents to schedule a date with the vet for yearly annual check-ups. And if you’ve moved or changed your contact information, it’s a good time of year to review and update your pet tag ID info.

Also, please send my two-legged companions at DogMa your January daycare & boarding schedule needs.
We’ve had a lot of rain — which means lots of puddles for me to tap-dance around in, waiting for that ball. Thankfully, we got a massive shipment of pea gravel in November or it would be a doggy mud spa in the yards. That said, we do offer bath services – just let my two-legged friends at Dogma know.
Hopefully, we’ll get a little bit of snow this month. I’m looking forward to playing with your fuzzy companions. 
All the best for a healthy and happy 2016 to you and yours!
Smell you later,
Izzy pawprint
PS.​ No new news for Dogma packsters re. the CSX project.