Washington’s First and Only…Outdoor and Indoor…
Day-care and Night-care Play-care… for dogs.



DogMa Daycare and Boarding for Dogs offers carefully supervised group play and loving care for friendly, fun-loving pups. Our 10,000 sq. ft., dog-park-sized environment is DC’s ONLY outdoor daycare facility for dogs.

At DogMa, we provide outdoor supervised pack play and interaction with attentive caring handlers 12 hours a day for daycare. Overnight boarding guests play all day  – and snooze at night and are let out into the yards for potty time by our 24-7 staff. The combination of canine companionship and human love in the only outdoor/indoor doggy daycare setting in the city means lots of very happy dogs.


How Unique?

In 2005, when creating its laws governing dog-care facilities, the District of Columbia disallowed outdoor daycare for dogs. However, DogMa was the ONLY outdoor play facility, in the entire city, “grand-fathered” under the new laws.



How Else is DogMa Better?

Space  DogMa’s 10,000 sq foot, secure indoor/outdoor facility offers real room to run, so your dog isn’t cooped up all day inside.

Value  Compare 12 hours of daycare activity to a 30-minute walk on a leash. Compare our constant “doggy caretaker” attention, activity and love to the isolation and inactivity of kennels or brief visits from a pet-sitter.

Vision  Established in 1998, DogMa was DC’s very first doggy daycare facility. For over 15 years, we have been the city’s ONLY place to play outdoors and in.

Transparency  Unlike some facilities that whisk your dog to a back room somewhere, DogMa’s play-yards are the first thing you see. Weather permitting, the Pack’s in full view – human and canine alike!

Safety  DogMa meticulously screens every dog to make sure they’ll fit in with our Pack. We carefully evaluate each dog for temperament, health, and medical requirements. DogMa isn’t for just any dog.

Commitment  At DogMa, your precious doggie is always in the very best of hands. We’re mature, loving professionals invested in maintaining only the highest standard of care and attention. We have live-in staff who call DogMa home, allowing us to provide unparalleled service to our overnight guests. Most of our employees have been with us for years, and know our clients’ dogs like their own. We take great pride in making it our strict policy to know every dog and every client by name. This isn’t just a job to us.


So…give your dog a RUN for the money!